Sleepy Saturday…

I had this brilliant idea this morning that our blended family needed to spend some time as our individual units.  I wanted my babe’s sons to have some quality time with her, as well as my two having some quality time with me before surgery is here.

Well, the kids missed each other so much it was adorable.  Note to self: apparently, they all love each other like crazy and don’t feel the need to be apart.

So tonight my daughter and I head out to a movie with a dear friend and her nine year old daughter for a movie night.  We plan on seeing “Jane Eyre” which is one of my favorite books of all time.  I am hopeful that this latest movie won’t disappoint!  And I prepped hard for tonight: two naps today, not just one. 😉

I was thinking of the story about the Vessel and the Light, from Kabbalah, as it was explained to me several months ago.  The Vessel is shattered and it requires great effort and no little amount of suffering to gather it to yourself whole.  Without that effort and suffering, just having the vessel whole right of the get go means you never quite appreciate it.  This is how he explained love and relationships to me.  I understood it in theory when he first explained it, but my grasp is far better today.  Since hearing this story, I have been diagnosed with cancer, Becky has gone through her custody case, and we have gone from dating to co-parenting and co-habitating.

And the truth is, she and I could not be more different.  When faced with a threat, I like to distance myself and think and respond calmly (even in a chicken kind of way, you could say); she prefers to face any threat head-on and kick its balls into its throat.  I am the nurturing, mushy, soft hearted parent; she is the tough love parent.  We differ so vastly we often struggle to “get” what the other is saying.  And yet, we fit.  The effort and the differences seem to be a huge part of what makes us work.

See what happens when I am sleepy?  Random thinking…  Blessings to all today.

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