Making whoopee…

That title just really doesn’t say a thing about this blog post.  It’s all I can come up with today.

I had a chance to talk to my best guy friend last night – we play phone tag more than we talk.  And thank the Lord for text messaging or we might never be able to communicate! 🙂

Last night he mentioned to me that he and his lovely wife had been talking about possibly, maybe, at some as yet undetermined point in the future, increasing their family.

As part of this fun cancer adventure, my ovaries and fallopian tubes are being removed in about six months.  This is supposed to be a relatively simple procedure, laser, outpatient, nothing major.  And my best friend and his wife would like to have my eggs for their future plan.

I am incredibly moved and honored by this, and compelled to make lots of jokes about it (surprise, surprise).

Really, think about it from my bizarre worldview.  Most of my life I dated men, or I was married to a man.  So I understand that the switch to being in love with a woman is a pretty major transition.  Now, how cool is this?  Not only do I have this amazing relationship (with a woman), but now we are going to bend the gender roles even further and a man wants to have my baby!  I feel as though I ought to thump my chest…or do something macho.  Let’s face it, chest thumping and crushing beer cans on my forehead are the only macho things that come to mind.  Men, please feel free to jump in and tell me any macho things you do…

Of course, on the serious side, it’s pretty amazing to consider a child consisting of my genes and my best guy’s genes.  Then again, as far as cancer goes, Future Hypothetical Child would be toast when it came down to it…  I mean, I thought the genetic target painted on my back was bad?  This FHC (refer to phrase Future Hypothetical Child) would have the worst cancer genetics EVER.  I believe I am feeling some pity for the lil’ FHC.

Ah well, the strange things I ponder on a Friday afternoon…  Blessings to all…

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