Back in ummmmm, black?

You guessed it, I couldn’t think of a title.  I also have ACDC stuck in my head. 🙂

So, this is my first post since Monday’s surgery.  I went to DRMC with my BFF, my Bex, my Mom, my John, and my Jo (hey, if you attended, I feel possessive of you now – in an affectionate way, not a creepy way).  I got knocked out while I was scared to death — seriously, praying in the O.R. and cussing a bit too — and woke up feeling so relieved.

The next major relief was getting home to sleep in my own bed, and to see my babies.

Then I went for post-op yesterday, and hit a bump in the road.

Oncologist: “We got your pathology back from the hospital.”

Me: “Were there any surprises?”

Oncologist: “Yes.”

Me, to Nurse: “Go make Becky hang up her phone and get back in here because I need her.”

Things, in my experience, are rarely straight ahead in life.  Every path twists and loops, and cancer is no different.

It turns out I had two tumors, two entirely different types of cancer.  The tumor they never detected until my tissue was dissected (or diced, as I like to say) was the dangerous one.  Aggressive, infiltrating, high grade…

So, I have to go for chemo after all.  I start in about three weeks, for about three months or so.  Drat.

I’m still going to win.  This still doesn’t change what the outcome will be, it just makes for more of an uphill battle: for me, my family, my friends who are here for me.

Blessings to all of you out there, I hope you are weathering the Rapture/Zombie Apocalypse (depending on your media outlet)…

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