Forgetful Me…

This morning, during Chapel at my children’s school, I knew exactly what my blog would be about today.  Between one thing, and thirty others, it left my noggin completely until just a little while ago.

One of the other parents came up to and told me his cancer story this morning.  I was so impressed with what he told me that I wanted to share it here.

This gentleman was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in 2008.  He was given a limited amount of time to live.  He took a special kind of chemotherapy every single week.  He did not lose his hair, but he has lost the feeling in his feet.  But, despite his horrible prognosis, here he is.  He’s down one lung, and still has not regained the feeling in his feet, but he is alive and kicking.  In fact, his doctors want to make a study out of him because he is still alive and they have no idea how that is possible.

I love hearing stories like his.  A huge positive for me is that, in having cancer, suddenly people share stories with me that I might never have heard otherwise.  And every story, every human experience shared, is a gift.  At least, I feel it is a gift.

So, much more upbeat.  Blessings to you all…

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