Technical stuff…

So, I went to the new oncologist yesterday.  I have my main surgical oncologist and then this new guy, who is the hematology oncologist (translation: he does chemo).  He was a total straight shooter, no bull at all, no prettying things up to make them sound better.  Becky looked like she had been hit by a train by the time we were done there (which took an hour and a half).

I start chemo one week from today.  9:15 in the morning on Tuesday.  My veins are good, so I don’t need a mediport, so one less surgical style procedure. 🙂  I will have 8 treatments over the next four months.  And sixteen + blood tests in the next four months.

I came home feeling a bit numb, which of course wore off completely by nightfall — leading to me scaring the grocery cashier in the checkout line last night.  They aren’t accustomed to crying customers at Safeway, I guess.

My brain is flitting around like a butterfly today: one thought to the next to the next completely unrelated thought, until I am spinning.  I will get onto the next photojournal later today, just wanted to post the quick update first.

Blessings to you all out there!

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