The Second One…

After New Year’s, I started to feel poorly. My best friend had decided she wanted to get her first tattoo, so she and Becky and I all went together. I got my Celtic dragon, my second tattoo (I had been contemplating it for a decade).


I was starting to look a bit weary. The very next morning, we found the lump. On the bright side I was with women I am comfortable around, so it wasn’t as horrible as it could have been. On the amusing side, my left breast sure received a lot of attention that day. That week the doctor felt it, and gave many reassurances that turned out to be false.

By February 1st, my GP took me out of work on disability. No one knew for sure that I had Cancer yet, except for me and my bizarre gut.


I was super pale by this time, and unable to stay awake all day, and it was barely the beginning of March. We all knew I had been diagnosed with cancer by this time, but it would still be two and a half months before my surgery.


Meanwhile, I was losing weight and bruising too easily and getting desperate for an end to this.

Tomorrow, I’ll tackle surgery – for now I will tackle a nap.

A blessed solstice to each of you! 🙂

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