Round Three Behind Us…

Tuesday was the third round of chemo.  I admit it is hitting me harder now, but I am still laughing here.  Every other week, my sister comes down to stay with me for chemo week (cute fact: she is actually my ex-husband’s sister, but she kept me after the divorce). 🙂

I kept saying this whole thing was like a rollercoaster once the side effects kicked in, but I am forced to upgrade with song lyrics:

“I’m not the one who’s so far away, when I feel the snakebite enter my veins…” ~ Godsmack

Yes, you know it’s bad if I am quoting Godsmack.

Still, I have only ONE more session of the nauseating red juice!  Yay!  Then they switch my drug to one that does not cause nausea.  Okay, the next drug will cause “crippling fatigue” – but they will give me B12 shots to help with that.

Compared to the other patients, I really am a rock star through this.  I feel awful, but I am still doing a lot, not really throwing up, and I’m happy.  Truly happy.  I was reading before surgery about the fact that Love heals and cures, which I am sure I told all of you, but I have to follow up here:  it is true.  Love is healing me, curing me, and carrying me through these troubles – with flying colors.  And the more Love I allow myself to receive, the more I am able to give.

I have been working on transparency in some of my interactions, just complete and total honesty and accesibility with the ones who matter most, and despite the mild anxiety it caused at first I am thrilled with how it has progressed in my most important relationships.

So, I may be nursing a chemo tummy today, but I am, as always, sending blessings to you all! xoxo

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