It feels like I spend a great deal of my time trying to find a balance, or a compromise, between the extremes that can be so much a part of my nature.  I will bounce back and forth between being extroverted and introverted, despite the fact that I am essentially a shy person.  I can go from extremely erudite language to making a sailor blush.  And in strength, I can become more open-hearted or entirely closed off.

But much of the way I need to find my balance doesn’t involve anything more than my choices.  I can choose to not allow the strength I need to harden my heart, just as I can choose how this chemo is going to affect my body.  So far, my immune system isn’t showing the crash that normally would come.

I read before chemo started that Love was what cures Cancer more effectively than anything else, and this from a medical doctor.

It’s true.  The Love I have around me, and the Love I hold within me bring me the greatest healing in this whole thing.  It is all positivity, and like one long prayer being said over me constantly.

I am blessed, and send all of you blessings today (as everyday)…

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