The things I have learned AFTER Kinder…#MondayBLogs

An oldie, but one that people seemed to enjoy:

Here’s my list of lessons, in no particular order…

Running with scissors is still NOT a good idea.

Words really do break your heart (Robert Fulghum was right).

Sometimes our parents had a point in what they were telling us to do, but it took becoming a Mother myself before I realized it.

Playing and laughter matter more than laundry (HA!).

Babytalk ends too soon.

Just like a fence at the edge of your property, boundaries with people matter – a lot.

You do have to look both ways before crossing the street.

(Addendum to looking both ways: not only when you are a pedestrian, but when you are a driver.)

Nicholas Sparks had a point: when Love is real, it is analogous to God – you cannot SEE it, but you can FEEL it.

Balanced nutrition keeps you feeling better emotionally.

The way we see ourselves doesn’t seem to match the way that others see us.

Sometimes, no matter how it galls you or how wrong you feel the other person is, you just have to let them have the last word (my advice is to try to avoid biting your tongue until it bleeds while you are allowing this other person to have the last word).

If you have raised your children right, they will leave you and make their way in the world.

Pets: they are good for you and you are good for them when you go to a shelter.  I highly recommend you do this.

Nothing is quite so satisfying as feeding people (whether at a soup kitchen or your own table).

Give Love to others.

Do NOT judge: no one is perfect.

Pray, even when you don’t have the words.

Nothing can alleviate tension like doing an “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” impersonation.

Read Dr. Seuss, even if you have no children – a smart writer.

When you have your first home, doing a Tom Cruise in your underwear while lipsyncing should be mandatory. 🙂

Pray, Love, Laugh, Dance, Listen and Share…and don’t forget to breathe.

I know, a strange post for the day, still sending blessings…

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  1. That’s a wonderful post! I had come to the same conclusion regarding a few of your points (yes, looking both ways when crossing a street, for instance, is accurate) and I loved the blessings you are counting. Thanks for sharing!

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