Digging Deep…

And deeper still.

This week I find myself floundering, just a little.  I had a weekend of restoration and rejuvenation, and that seems to be draining what is (hopefully) the last of this abcess known as baggage/issues…

I keep marvelling at the fact that little random tidbits of my life pop up in the front of my brain these days.  It feels like purging myself of garbage I didn’t even know I was carrying with me.  I hope to God that this is not what “your life passing before your eyes” looks like to people.  I’d rather knock it out now, and have a peaceful passing later.

BUT (you knew that was coming, right?) – it hurts.

So far, no poetic statement for this.  Just riding the wave, still.  Riding it out.

Blessings to you all.

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