You Can Milk Most Anything…#ArchiveDay

When I first saw “Meet the Fockers” I laughed so hard over the idea of milking a cat.

Now, in the interest of lowering our family cancer risk, I have had to replace cow’s milk.


I love milk, cow’s milk, to be exact.  Both of my children love it, too.  This transition was made easier by the recent discovery that both my babies are lactose intolerant — easier for them.

So, we have our soy milk, our rice milk, our almond milk.

The only thing we don’t have right now is our goat milk.  At home we have a running joke: how do you milk an almond?  How do you milk rice?  How, indeed!  Having a genetic predisposition for breast cancer (gotta love that brca1 gene) means both of my children have lifestyle changes to make now, to try to avoid what I am experiencing right now.

So far, they love their green tea, miso soup, raw almonds and leafy greens.  The milk replacement may be the straw that broke the camel’s back, however.  (Or should I say it is breaking the cow’s back?  I’m just not sure.)

They have both been doing yoga, too.

Between the dietary changes, the yoga, and the fact that both of them want to save the planet, I think I may have two gurus on my hands.  Time will tell.

Forgive the randomness of the post, I do believe the Benadryl they give me with chemo may be doing to the talking/typing…

Blessings to you all…

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