I can feel that ancient ancestor

as she swims through my blood

as your finger points

in accusation

at my unforgiven nature

for I am unacceptable


you say

by your blissful God


I hear your words

as you sing His praises

with curses for any who differ

from your homogenous Aryan



I watch your actions

the Love you do not share

with anyone

the Love you do not give to yourself?

I treat you like a puzzle

a small mystery to be solved


You judge

you judge my life



righteous, you say

and I watch from the fringes

as you become judge, jury, executioner

for your God


And I wonder to myself

at this God you talk about

and how He can be so different

from the God I was taught to Love

the one who commanded Love

for all


While the woman I am

prays, fasts, Loves –

and teaches her children to do the same

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