Random Thoughts for a Friday…

Sooooo, everyone is sick.  This house succumbed to that cold bug travelling around at the speed of light, and each day I hear a symphony of sneezes all around me.  I haven’t caught this thing (knocking on my own head, in lieu of wood) – apparently my immune system had been getting a really hard core workout the entire time it was fighting my tumors.  I am finding it odd to be going through winter without getting sick.  At all.  Mind you, I am EXTREMELY grateful to not be down all through flu season like I have been for the past four years – it’s just a culture shock.  It’s amazing how quickly you can become accustomed to feeling not quite up to par.

Every day, I start to feel a bit stronger, a bit healthier.  At the same time, every day I have to go lie down for a nap like someone’s grandparent.  If this is my long term side effect from the last year, I’ll take it, thanks.  🙂

I am hoping you are all off to a wonderful weekend, as soon as your day is done.  I am looking around me today, wanting to make one positive change – no matter how small it may be.

What is the change you want to make?

Blessings to you all… xoxo

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