Desert Days…

As you all know, my doctor has me on what he calls “light activity ONLY” for a while still.  This means I can do a few things during the day, and then nap for a while. 😉

Yesterday, I volunteered at my childrens’ school.  This was honestly the biggest social event I have attended in months.  Haha.  Today, I get to volunteer again – in the classroom.

Then, last night, as I was finally finishing the movie “Sherlock Holmes” (I couldn’t watch it after dark, I got too spooked because I am a bit of a sissy about scary movies), there was a loud noise outside and then we lost all power.  Not to worry, it came right back on just in time for me to start cooking dinner.  Then away it went again with another loud groaning noise outside.

So, to end an already wonderful day – my family and I hung out in the kitchen while I cooked with about a dozen candles scattered around the room.  Then, we ate by the fireplace in the living room: talking and listening to the wild desert weather outside.  Even though I was pretty much thrilled to have a quiet dinner, I can tell you the dogs were on strike!

Their last trip to the bathroom before we went to bed involved me shuttling them around with a large golf umbrella.  We don’t spoil them AT ALL!

I am loving this beautiful day here, enjoying our last few weeks of winter.

Blessings to you all, today and every day…


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