Hate Speech & Love…

A questionable title for Valentine’s Day, I know! 🙂

Lately, as I read the news and go online, I have been seeing a lot of hate speech.  First we had “One Million Moms” up in arms over JC Penney choosing Ellen DeGeneres as their spokeswoman, then the backlash from that, culminating in Bill O’Reilly likening discrimination based on lifestyle and sexual preference to “McCarthyism.”  (The nerd who lives in my brain really really liked O’Reilly’s analogy, btw.)

One thing I noticed in the above argument was the enmity and negativity spewing from both sides of that particular debate.  Shortly thereafter, the entire nation of Greece was set ablaze during protests against governmental “austerity” measures, leading me to conclude I should, perhaps, not read the news or pay attention to a word people say.

Now we have arrived at Valentine’s Day: a day earmarked for “love” and all of its many FUN and exciting counterparts.  Think chocolate, flowers, hearts, and two babies who are going to arrive home all sugared up.

I baked cookies like a maniac, the kiddos made their own cards (nothing storebought, for a change), and here we are.

As soon as Lara Croft gets here, there’s a surprise waiting for her.  🙂  You know that before she does.

So you are probably wondering what the first part of this blog has to do with the second part by now.  Trust me, I haven’t lost the plot.  The connection is — WE CAN NEVER FIGHT HATRED WITH MORE HATRED.  LOVE is the only answer that truly works, in EVERY way: Biblically, emotionally, spiritually, physically.

In the New Testament, Jesus commands us to “love one another.”  We are told that this is the greatest Commandment.  It’s hard to keep sight of that when we all live in the world.  It’s hard to LOVE people who HATE you.

For one minute today, look at the world and relationships just a tiny bit differently: pretend every person you encounter is a child – your own, preschool aged child.  Every temper tantrum is really an expression of frustration, more so than rage or hatred.  Right?  We’re just talking about a small child here, after all. 😉  When that child cries, throws things, or has some kind of fit, you correct gently, and give LOVE.  (Okay, love with discipline and boundaries, but it’s the love part that is the main point.)

We all need love: both to receive and to give.  The very next time someone “hates” you, realize that it isn’t about you.  That person needs love, perhaps more than we all do.  Should we slap at that person?  No.  We should approach them with dignity and love.  No one is perfect here on this planet.  We all fall down, make mistakes, say or do the wrong things: for Valentine’s Day, give love without judgment.  You just never know where those other people you meet may be coming from, or what they may be going through.


Blessings and LOVE to you all! xoxo

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