TGI…Wait a minute!

My brain and body are telling me it should be Friday. Last Friday, the smallish child (whom I had previously nicknamed Othello – must update his nickname) came down with the stomach flu. At midnight last night, the tallish child, “Maddie” came down with it.

I am floating along in a pinkish haze of fatigue and cleaning solvents today, thinking, “thank goodness we don’t have to get up at any particular time tomorrow morning.” Errrrrr, right. TOMORROW is Friday, so I do have to get at least the small Mr. child to school, even if my Maddie is still sleeping cuddled up to a toilet. Sigh…

Oddly enough, it hit me in the middle of this just how fortunate I am. I am home today with a sick kiddo, and I have the energy to take care of her. I didn’t have to juggle a million things to try to be here for her. I didn’t have any added stress in order to simply be here for my girl.

Still, must nap.  MUST. NAP.


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