Some Days…

I am already laughing as I write this blog.  That’s just how long my irritation lasted. This entire blog is basically about a vacuum.

I had some basic household chores to do today: cleaning, laundry, gardening.  Only tiny things, as I am still under orders not to “over-do” things.

Somehow, I got it into my head that I could just replace the vacuum belt and filter while I was puttering around.  I don’t actually vacuum these days, but the belt involves three screws and a roller.  This is NOT a big deal, right? WRONG!

First of all, the vacuum cleaner no longer has the catch to remain upright — somehow it was broken.  With two children, how does anything ever get broken?  I blame the ghost of Legos past.  🙂  So, I had to lie the vacuum cleaner across my lap a bit to get to the cover.

Pop the cover off, put in the new belt.  Ta da!  No problem!  Except the belt is actually stronger than I am these days.  So, I am now bent over (big no-no) the vacuum, trying to pull the roller back into place, while the vacuum is sliding across the floor and scaring the dog.

So, she gets in on the action and starts barking.  Then she starts puffing her chest out and charging the vacuum.  At last, I get the roller back into place.  Then it’s back to the floor with the vacuum across my lap to screw the cover back into place.

It’s done.  I’m happy.  I switch the vacuum on to make sure it works, and I hear it throw that d*** belt and then smell burning rubber.

Some days you are the windshield, other days the bug.  In the battles of woman versus vacuum, I am clearly not coming out on the winning side.  I think I have a chore for Lara to wrestle through when she gets here. 🙂

Blessings to you all!

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