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By now my readership knows I am a newbie to the self-publishing, writing for a living, gig. 🙂 A few months ago, I was reading about all of the different ways to market books. Social media, author events, and the like. I was intrigued by the idea of doing a book signing, but thought (for some reason) that I wasn’t “important” enough to do that.

Flash forward a few weeks, walking through what is nearly our only book store out here with my daughter. As shy as Maddie is, she’s a great antagonist when it comes to pushing me out of my own shyness. She started giving me grief over the fact that we were in Barnes & Noble, and I could ask what it would take to set up a book signing there.

Long story short, sometimes it is smarter (especially when you try to encourage outgoing behavior) to demonstrate courage and lack of shyness for your teenager.

I asked for a manager, explained my idea, and was introduced to a wonderful manager named Glenna. Glenna looked up my books on the Barnes & Noble site, and gave me a date for an author event.

Today, Glenna and I hammered out the remaining details of my first book signing. November 21st, 11:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. (or a bit later) at the Barnes & Noble in the Westfield Mall in Palm Desert. Glenna was talking about creating Facebook events, and how to market my own event, etc. There are so many resources available, even for those of us who are brand new on the scene.

But if you don’t ask the question, the answer will always be “no.”

Write on, and get out there! Happy Monday, and blessings to you all…

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