Writer Wednesday…Excerpt

This is from my upcoming novel, Darkness:

“Letting herself into the kitchen again, she stopped dead in her tracks. The refrigerator door was in the process of opening right in front of her. Scanning quickly, Fin saw an extra cup of coffee had been poured and was waiting on the counter. Taking a chance, Fin marched over to the fridge and tried to shut the door.

It gave for only a few inches before she encountered absolute resistance.

As she pushed, someone pulled.

‘What the hell?!’ She exclaimed.

As the resistance gave way all at once, Fin ended up slamming the refrigerator door. She watched the coffee lift up and move out of the room. Following it, she went into the parlor just as Connie called down the stairs to her.

‘What are you doing?’”

Just a touch of comic relief, supernatural style. I hope you enjoyed this little snippet! And don’t worry – Fin isn’t in too much trouble with Connie. 😉

Blessings to you all…

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