In the context of a post-2020 world, every single event of the past seems to be millions of years ago in my mind. With that detail in mind, a million years ago, Virginia Woolf wrote that writers needed a room of their own for their creative process to be allowed to thrive. This was one … Continue reading Environment

Down to Business!

Just a brief post to you all to get the word out: Starting tomorrow, June 13, 2016, Blessing will be listed as a Kindle Countdown Deal. If you buy the kindle edition tomorrow, it will cost $0.99. The cost will increase over the course of the week, until it returns to its normal list price … Continue reading Down to Business!

WARRIOR – A #WriterWednesday #SneakPeek

In the final edits phase of the new novel, "Warrior." This is Book 4 in the "Blood Curse" series - it is the sequel to Blessings, Damnation, and Darkness. Just giving you a little teaser here. "The air was a hot, sweaty fist that clutched at her throat. Whispers and moans and distant electricity shifted … Continue reading WARRIOR – A #WriterWednesday #SneakPeek


Setting. It's just that location in which your plot takes place, right? Sort of. Setting can be intrinsic to plot: your characters' reactions to their surroundings show different depths of mood than just "telling" your readers how those characters feel. The setting can mimic the emotional state of the character, through storms or rainbows (so … Continue reading Setting…#MondayBlogs

Goodreads and Author Promotion

Okay. We are in a new year and I am officially in high gear. I've spent a great deal of time reading and researching, with many special thanks to Rachel Thompson and Rebecca T. Dickson for the rich content they share, and the motivational ass-kicking they can deliver! 🙂 So. I'm an Indie author. I've … Continue reading Goodreads and Author Promotion

Character Sketch…#WriterWednesday

Sirena. Who is she, and why should you care? As the Blood Curse series has progressed, we have moved into the stories of Finola O'Bannion's various cousins: "Darkness" gave us Mara's journey, and the upcoming "Warrior" will tell the tale of Sirena. Sirena is one of the younger cousins. She's a teenager at the start … Continue reading Character Sketch…#WriterWednesday


You've written your novel, you're ready to self-publish it. In the self-publishing platform, you select the genre for your novel. If you independently publish with Amazon, their platform, CreateSpace asks you to select your category. Your content/subject matter is supposed to determine your genre/category. Whether you write Romance, Mystery, Suspense, etc., there is a genre … Continue reading Genre…#MondayBlogs

Book Signing in Review…#MondayBlogs

Phew! It's Monday! I've accomplished a ton today - including a nice long run first thing. 🙂 So, my book signing was this past Friday. Be prepared, here: I'm going to be gushy. It was amazing, and thrilling, and fun. Also, apparently, it was tiring, because I napped quite a bit on Saturday. I had … Continue reading Book Signing in Review…#MondayBlogs

Writer Wednesday…Excerpt

This is from my upcoming novel, Darkness: "Letting herself into the kitchen again, she stopped dead in her tracks. The refrigerator door was in the process of opening right in front of her. Scanning quickly, Fin saw an extra cup of coffee had been poured and was waiting on the counter. Taking a chance, Fin … Continue reading Writer Wednesday…Excerpt

Writer Wednesday…An Excerpt

In the midst of editing "Darkness," which has a planned release for the first week of September (eek!), it occurred to me that I hadn't really run any countdown deals, or shared any excerpts here on this blog from "Damnation." After pondering, debating, and much discussion around the dinner table here (yes, titles are a … Continue reading Writer Wednesday…An Excerpt