Tuesday Thoughts on Law…

So, I’m going to get into a true story of what just happened around here tonight.

Many months ago, one of our neighbors died. She lived alone, and her adult children learned the unhappy news when they asked for a welfare check. It’s an awful thing for them to go through, and they have made several trips here to sort through her home.

When they are not here, Lara and I are the “keepers of the key” in the event that some emergency should arise.

There have been many.

This neighborhood is currently undergoing an influx of transients and methamphetamine addicts. It’s a long story, but the end result is that there are a lot of break-ins in vacant houses.

Today, there was another break-in at our neighbor’s house.

Now, I know that many people have mixed feelings about law enforcement. I have a tendency to not share in the negative viewpoint many people express. In other words, when I see a crime, I call the police. We’ve had incredibly good response from deputies, and find ourselves fortunate to live in a community whose public servants care about the job they do, and the people in the community.

This evening, deputies responded quickly to clear the house. Although they found the evidence of the break-in, the people who had broken in were gone. One deputy left, Lara zipped off to an appointment, and I entered the house with the remaining deputy (who is now one of my favorite people of all time) to lock the back door and brace it. It’s pretty standard: get the all clear, use the key to batten down the hatches, and move on.

Until today.

While the deputy and I were in the house, people came back to break in again! I heard a noise, told the deputy I heard a noise, he checked, had me HIDE (I think I forgot to continue breathing) called for backup, came to get me and told me to run.

I think I broke a record for land speed. I was locked in my own house so fast! The neighborhood was populated by more law enforcement personnel than neighbors for a while.

I am laughing at myself. I never felt I had a calling for the military, or police, and this evening proved it. I wasn’t scared I would be harmed, exactly – I was just scared. Holy smoke.

It’s Veteran’s Day, and I have a deeper appreciation of those who serve our country, and our communities.

Thank you, sincerely. And thank you to the deputy who managed to see me tucked away while handling everything else. 🙂

There are heroes everywhere. Look for them.

Blessings to you all…

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