Sooooo, I am sharing a brief post today so that you can all have a huge heart attack with me!

Calendars. We need them. You all know my deep and abiding love of “to do” lists. The perfect start to a day for me is a good, solid run, followed by the day’s list.

Having a calendar is a huge part of keeping it all on track around here. The average week involves me working at two separate offices, as well as doing my own work, as well as getting my Maddie to the orthodontist, to sporting events, to violin, while my Moses goes to piano lessons, runs, and negotiates his way through homework. (That goes something like this, “Mom, I know this stuff. Do I have to do my homework?”)

We have been using a calendar app that we’ve linked from Lara’s phone to mine.

My calendar app crashed. I lost my schedule, Lara’s, everything.

Technology is a great thing, but I am very happy with my paper datebook, thank you very much. And I don’t kid around, my daily time for writing goes in the calendar, just as much as any other appointment. If it doesn’t go on the calendar, then I’m not leaving time for my own work.

Keep track, writers! It’s also helpful to note when you sent out query letters in that calendar, as well as making sure to flag the date your newsletter needs to go out.

In a conversation this week, I was asked what would be most helpful for me, professionally. The answer is simple: if I had someone to follow me around with that datebook, I would be set for life.

Happy writing, and blessings to you all!

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