The Fickle Muse…#MondayBlogs

It seems that I prefer to discuss the writing process here each week, more than any other aspect. I look forward to feedback, as others share their writing spaces and processes with each post. 🙂

I have a singer/songwriter friend, S. Eric Ketzer, who has a phrase I’ve always loved: sometimes, you have to “chase the Muse.” On those days that the words just don’t want to flow, you have to push forward. Or, as Eric stated so very well, chase the Muse who isn’t sitting on your shoulder at that moment with inspiration at the ready.

My Muse loves to get me going during the witching hour. That’s when the words come flowing with what feels like very little effort on my part. Well, there’s effort – I have to drag myself out of bed and brew the coffee and attempt to NOT awaken the entire house as I go.

When I chase the Muse, it’s different. I choose something completely random to write about: short essays, short poetry, a bizarre story about a passerby, whatever. I just warm up the words. Then, I get some music going on my iPod and dive into the meat of the work – the novel or the non-fiction.

Writing in many ways is the same as distance running: if I start the day with a good workout, the rest falls into place for me. It’s a good thing I like running, though – that Muse can run pretty darn fast when she gets going!

What’s your process? How do you overcome your blocks? I’d love to hear from you!

Blessings to you all…

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