Friday Philosophy…Soothsayers

This word has been floating around here lately. Spoken by my mother-in-law, I’ve found myself wondering about Greek mystics. 🙂 In the land and culture of Gods and Goddesses, maybe the idea of mystics is redundant.

Like the Oracles, Soothsayers were told to be able to see the future. A Shakespearean phrase for a fortune teller or psychic. Despite the carnival aspect of those words, still there are people with the gift of discernment, and an instinct that comes close to a kind of seeing.

During my University days, my friend “Jackie Divine” (so nicknamed by her roommate, Bubba) had that kind of instinct about people. I used to tell her I envied her “radar,” as I was strapped with instincts that I had allowed to become dulled down to “sonar.” She had clear pictures, I had a series of pings warning that something was ahead, with no further specifics.

So, although she would never have characterized herself that way, she was the soothsayer of our bunch. Now that I look back on it, I do wonder at our motley little gang of poets, artists, and writers. For one, why didn’t any of us choose normal nicknames? Also, whatever happened to Mouse? I digress. Haha.

Thoughts and quotes on soothsayers ~

“Soothsayers are like that: they see many futures, but never their own.” ~ Jasper Fforde

“A fortune teller would never be unhappy.” ~ Corsican Proverb

“Being the soothsayer of the tribe is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.” ~ Anthon St. Maarten

“Close both eyes to see with the other.” ~ Rumi

“You have the answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it.” ~ Pat Obuchowski

Blessings to you all… May you see beauty, hear truth, speak wisdom, and live in strength.

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