Writer’s Retreats…#MondayBlogs

We’ve all heard of these by now, right? Writers participate in a getaway, during which there are workshops, and other writers to get to know, and sharing and commiserating and writing. It’s idyllic. Well, unless you’re an introvert who gets a little clammy about going away with brand new people to basically be totally naked and vulnerable (hello, writing!) for days on end. 🙁

Then again, where is it written that we need to go to any official retreat to get at least some of the benefits?

Brene Brown once said during an interview that she grabbed some of her dearest friends, and gave them a talk in order to map out her book. Some writers finish books in a hotel room, free from any of the usual life distractions and within easy access of room service.

I find that the simple escapes can fuel the writing fire for me. In other words, I slip into “accidental retreats.” For instance, last summer’s trip to Hawaii: massive writing time. It wasn’t on a project that is near finished, but the change of scenery, climate, activity, all of it just kept the words flowing. And, I didn’t ignore my entire family.

Moral of the story: create your writer’s retreat! Who should be there with you? Where should it be? Who would you love to have as a mentor? The only limit to this is your own imagination.

More to come from me later, in about 2 weeks or so. 😉 I have a tired body, the best view in the world, and creativity going endlessly.

#Monday love and blessings to you all!

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