The Virtues of Risk

It's been a while since I've indulged in quotable quotes on a Friday.  🙂 I've been thinking lately of how much easier life feels when you "play it safe" and stay in your familiar bubble.  Of course, the thrill and growth and shifting perspectives come when you challenge yourself to move outside of that zone. … Continue reading The Virtues of Risk

Friday Philosophy…Perfectionism

I strongly feel that perfection is the enemy of creativity. If you don't ever give yourself permission to be less than perfect, how the hell do you ever get to explore your ideas and take risks? On the other hand, that drive can really take you far. The only problem is that you may never … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Perfectionism

Writer’s Retreats…#MondayBlogs

We've all heard of these by now, right? Writers participate in a getaway, during which there are workshops, and other writers to get to know, and sharing and commiserating and writing. It's idyllic. Well, unless you're an introvert who gets a little clammy about going away with brand new people to basically be totally naked … Continue reading Writer’s Retreats…#MondayBlogs

Forgiveness Vs. Discipline…#MondayBlogs

Join me for 21 Days of Forgiveness! Here's the catch: you need to forgive yourself.

Friday Philosophy…Belonging

This is something that everyone wants, isn't it? That sense of connection, of being a part of something larger than can be almost aphrodisiac. We first must belong to ourselves, and feel that deep connect within us. It has to be followed by love, otherwise it really isn't quite belonging. So, I thought I'd … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Belonging

Friday Philosophy…Power

We are all infinitely powerful beings. We may forget this truth, because we think power means having control, or that things always go our way. Power runs deeper than that: it comes from being miraculous and magical creations. We transcend time, and we are filled with an incredible capacity for faith and love and hope … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Power

Friday Philosophy of Uplifting Words…

It's a theme, but not an in-depth analysis of a single word. I've been listening to Podcasts this week. The way I see it, I am nearing middle age when I find music radio aggravating and talk radio wonderful. 😉 More specifically, I've been listening to "Magic Lessons" with Liz Gilbert. So, this week, I'd … Continue reading Friday Philosophy of Uplifting Words…

Friday Philosophy…Worthiness

I've been listening to both children (no surprise there) and adults alike talking about why things happen the way they happen. Responses range from "so unfair!" (kiddos, in case you can't tell) to "why am I being persecuted?" It's always interesting to hear everyone else's perspective. I guess life events aren't something I take personally … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Worthiness

Tuesday Thoughts…That Should Have Happened Yesterday

You know, I barely slept last night. At midnight, my mind cleared enough to realize that I hadn't posted my blog. I was so sleepy, I just didn't have the heart to grab my laptop and go for it. So, here we are, on Wednesday afternoon, with my thought pattern of yesterday. I was thinking … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts…That Should Have Happened Yesterday