We all have to be kind to ourselves: forgive ourselves, love ourselves, nourish and nurture ourselves. Without doing these things, there’s really not much of us left for everyone else.

But how do we bring these aspects into our professional lives? Is it even possible to do that?

Yes. But first, you must learn to be flexible.

There’s an adage that says the branch that is rigid will snap in the storm, while the one that is flexible will bend with the gales.

We all have to be that flexible.

What does that mean?

First of all, if you discover that your big-picture goal or plan is overwhelming you, then break it down into bite-sized pieces. Mini-goals are just as valid, and will still lead you to the major goal. Second, MAKE A LIST!!! Seriously, if it weren’t for to do lists, I’d forget half of what I need to do. My kids laugh at me because I write down EVERYTHING! My to do list starts with what needs to happen right when I wake up, to my shower, and into my day. If I’m ever asked for an alibi, I won’t have to try to remember anything. 😉 Third, if it feels wrong, it is. Notice I didn’t say that it “probably” is: it flat-out is wrong. It doesn’t matter how it feels to anyone else, if it feels wrong to you – it’s wrong for you. That is what matters.

We all know the wisdom that tells us doing work we love means we will never really experience the four-letter-word aspects of “work.” But the minutiae on our way there can be elusive.

If 2,000 words per day is too much, shift it down. Make it manageable. If you have to become a weekend warrior, that works too! Your days and ways are all your own, and what you do needs to work for you.

Be flexible, be kind to yourself, and write your story.

Blessings to you all…

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