Last week, I mentioned that I would be sharing another item off our health and wellness bucket list. If you missed the post on Float Therapy, you can find it here

After our try with floating, I signed the Tumor Raider and I up for Cryotherapy. For those of you who haven’t heard of this yet, cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to super-cool a chamber while you stand in it (and turn a circle “like a penguin” during treatment). This process is beneficial in a couple of ways. First of all, anyone who has ever had an injury knows that ice is the main treatment for sprains, pains, etc. Cryotherapy is that ice, multiplied by a thousand! But, what if you don’t have a traditional injury, but do have pain? That’s the second benefit – cryotherapy does alleviate pain from arthritis (check!) and “mysterious” sources as well. It’s something that is advertised, but I usually wait to see how my Lara feels before I believe it. Her pain levels went way down.

The benefits are temporary, of course, but they are so enjoyable while they last. I felt invigorated, and likened it to being 40 but suddenly having the legs of my 20 year old self again. 🙂

I know that people have touted cryo for weight loss, and numerous other health benefits, but I can’t vouch for that part. In the first place, I don’t really know what scientific research they’ve used for that. In the second place? That’s not really something anyone would learn off of the first try.

I would like us to try a few more sessions. Based on how much cooler I felt for quite some time after, it might be worth waiting for triple digit heat to hit us again.

Next up? Something I’ve tried in the past, but which Lara never has. Shhhhhh, don’t tell her we are going to do acupuncture. 😉 She loves me, but I’m a trial at times like these. Haha.

Blessings and good health to you all!

A cryotherapy chamber.

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    • I found it soothing – but they did ask my purpose in getting acupuncture. I gave the catchall “stress relief.” 🙂

      I still think cry was amazing. I may duplicate the feeling during a winter triathlon: everyone is warning me about water temperatures. Ha!

      Thank you so much for reading, and for your feedback!

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