Off Course to Get Back On Course ~ #MondayBlogs

I’ve been reworking “Warrior” forever. It’s my sequel. I adore my main character, she’s dear to me and an ass-kicking adventurer.

But when it comes to final touches, I am just NOT feeling it.

There’s no writer’s block getting to me now, my ideas are flowing along, I am just sort of…stuck.

So, I gave myself permission to do something crazy. I set it aside. I worked on other projects. I wrote different material. I spent some time re-reading and fleshing out details on a minor character.

I did not stay the course.

And I realized something.

It’s okay.

It’s okay that I went into two other projects. It’s okay that I left Warrior simmering on a back burner. It’s okay to go off course, because it’s helped me get back on course.

I think it can be all too easy for us to become rigid and inflexible with ourselves. We operate with daily goals, word count or time, we set a schedule and try to stick to it. But if something pulls you back from your own words, listen to that instinct.

Let go, just a little bit.

As long as you keep writing, you’re not really off course at all.

Blessings to you all.

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