Summer Fun

I’ve been blogging less over these past few months here. Between my work items, and the school stuff for two teenagers, things were busy enough. Then, Lara and I planned the summer adventure of a lifetime here – so I was working doubletime to complete projects before that happened!

We left home in the desert on June 15, and just returned this past Saturday. We piled into the car (after a thorough appointment at the mechanic): Lara and I, Maddie and Moses, and our loyal fuzzball. We headed from home to Montreal, going through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, and Ontario. We toured Universities for Maddie, spent two weeks with my darling Uncle and Aunt in Montreal, took an afternoon cruise from Old Montreal with my Great Aunt, and had a delightful Greek meal with cousins.

From Montreal, we began the return journey: Ontario, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and then back into California. We spent a week in Red Deer, visiting cousins and enjoying temperatures 40 degrees cooler than home at that time. Happily, despite some harsh rhetoric between the US and Canada, I was allowed to come back into the US. 🙂 You might laugh, but I did have some worry about that one! Haha. We visited family in Washington, and in Northern California – where I fell in love with fog and our pooch had to wear a sweater.

Now, we are back to reality, and trying to resume our normally scheduled program here. We’ve made memories we will never forget and are so fortunate to have been able to do this. I’ll be getting back into the swing of things here soon.

Happy writing and Happy Tuesday to you all!


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