The Reconnection…#ArchiveDay

I had intended to write this post on Friday, after my Reconnective Healing session, but the day literally got away from me (entirely, like a runaway train).

While our babies had a playdate with friends, Lara and I each had our first reconnective healing session.  What an eye opener!

First of all, Reconnective Healing follows the format of Reiki, in that it works to open up your body’s own healing energy.  We all have electrical impulses that respond to our envrionment.  For this type of healing, it is a matter of changing the “frequency” of the body’s vibrations.  In other words, it is supposed to help an individual to recover from injury, etc. by opening up the body’s healing abilities.

Sign me up.

During a session, the healer does not touch you.  It’s all done with that healer’s energy.  So, I am lying down with my eyes closed, basically in a state of relaxation/meditation.  This is a good exercise for someone like me — controlling my errant thoughts and maintaining a focus upon the moment.  It’s a lot harder for me than I expected.

During my session, I physically felt many things.  I felt tension leave my shoulders, leaving me feeling as though my arms extended in length.  It felt as though my stomach was being lightly patted.  I could feel a freezing cold ball (like a ball of ice) right where my uterus used to be.  Hmmmmm.  That was odd.  It would subside, and then return again with less intensity successively.  I felt warmth, and cool breezes, and felt, in short, as though I was moving around.  A lot.

When the session ended, I was told that I lay so still that I looked like “Snow White” to my healer.  To Lara, I looked as though I had died — I was that still.

It was her turn next, so we really didn’t discuss my experiences right then.  I didn’t want to wreck it for her.  Suffice it to say, I know what she means when she says I was lying there like a corpse.  She did the same thing.

The aftereffects were terrific: I felt so completely plugged in, and some minor aches and pains stopped bothering me.

I would recommend this to anyone (and I already am, my poor friends must be sick of me haha).

So, there’s one update to share with you all from the past few days.

Blessings to you all…

P.S.  My bee pollen continues.  So far, I am not crashing and burning after only half of a day, so I think I am seeing a little increase in my energy levels. 🙂  Happy news!

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