The Blackest Soul…#MondayBlog

"And stern to the haughty, but humble to thee, This soul in its bitterest blackness shall be." ~ Lord Byron The theme of many blog posts this week seems to be the suffering of the artist. 🙂 I've written on this before, wondering aloud (on the page) "Must there be suffering?!" I like to think … Continue reading The Blackest Soul…#MondayBlog

Savage Beasts and How to Soothe Them…#MondayBlogs

Creative people can be a pain in the "tuchus," as my friend's grandma used to say when we were little. If you live with an artist (or an artiste, depending on the amount of flair you like), there may be days you wish to simply don a flak jacket and take cover. The reality is … Continue reading Savage Beasts and How to Soothe Them…#MondayBlogs

Artist Wednesday…Michele Ohanesian

Okay, I normally do #WriterWednesday here, and review a book on Wednesdays. Since I have a deep and abiding love of stories of all kinds (and since pictures paint a thousand words, as the saying goes) I am featuring an artist this week. 🙂 This week's artist is the painter Michele Ohanesian. Michele paints figure … Continue reading Artist Wednesday…Michele Ohanesian

Must There Be Suffering?! #MondayBlogs

Ram Dass said that "Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise." There has long been a theory (although some call it an outright myth) that artists of any kind must suffer for their art. Does anyone out there think that life, in all of its complexity, might come with enough challenge and … Continue reading Must There Be Suffering?! #MondayBlogs