Must There Be Suffering?! #MondayBlogs

Ram Dass said that “Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise.” There has long been a theory (although some call it an outright myth) that artists of any kind must suffer for their art.

Does anyone out there think that life, in all of its complexity, might come with enough challenge and hairpin turns to skip the extra special dose of suffering that we artists are supposed to need?

And please define what constitutes suffering? Stress and strain and challenge build the mind and the spirit like weight lifting builds the muscles. Must one be unhappy through trials in order to produce what we call art?

Winston Churchill told us that “we shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.” The suffering is simply a stepping stone, on the path to inspiration (something all artists need) and survival (let’s face it, we all need to do this). The suffering is not the journey. It is not the entire purpose and point and meaning of life. Suffering is just a kiln in which our souls are fired, bringing them through fire to become stronger, and more lovely. Celebration should be a part of this.

Do not just suffer: celebrate, be audacious, LIVE! It is joy, and pain, and passion, and love, and tears all rolled into a path we cannot always see.

Tell this story. You must tell this story.

“There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you.” ~ Maya Angelou


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