Savage Beasts and How to Soothe Them…#MondayBlogs

Creative people can be a pain in the “tuchus,” as my friend’s grandma used to say when we were little.

If you live with an artist (or an artiste, depending on the amount of flair you like), there may be days you wish to simply don a flak jacket and take cover.

The reality is that those savage beasts you see occasionally glaring out of the eyes of your loved one – or roommate, if you’re an intrepid renter – can only be purged on the page or canvas. But that process can resemble the trials of childbirth, so contingency plans needs to be in place.

First of all, music. There’s an entire cliche about this, and it’s true for the simple reason that music can soothe. It can answer those weird and varied moods that stem entirely from plot twists and character development, shading and nuance.

If music isn’t doing the trick, try silence. As in, clear out for errands/visiting friends/safety and let the maniac work towards some resolution of whatever keeps rotating on the mental spin-cycle and making him or her an impossible creature with whom to cohabitate.

You may be forced to take drastic action, by dragging your writer or artist out of the house and into nature. This sounds like an annoyingly trite thing to do, but if it worked for Thoreau you really shouldn’t overlook it.

Most importantly, there needs to be a devoted space or time for your creative type to devote to creation. This can be like having an extra person in your relationship at times, but the result is a happier friend or family member, and that is a benefit to all.

Blessings to you all. Happy #Monday!

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