Artist Wednesday…Michele Ohanesian

Okay, I normally do #WriterWednesday here, and review a book on Wednesdays. Since I have a deep and abiding love of stories of all kinds (and since pictures paint a thousand words, as the saying goes) I am featuring an artist this week. 🙂

This week’s artist is the painter Michele Ohanesian.

Michele paints figure studies, as well as portraits. Her studies of the female figure in all of its forms, unapologetic, absolutely captures my imagination every time I look at her work. And, even though I’m not sure this will make any sense at all, her art – her view – has me looking at the world with fresh eyes. I even see myself differently through that lens.

To enjoy her artwork, you can visit her Facebook page at or visit her website at

She will be having a show within the next few months, at a local gallery here.

I hope you all enjoy the world through this artist’s eyes as much as I do.



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Blessings to you all…

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