Friday Philosophy…Suffering

It's a part of life, right? Plus, everyone seems to think that artists of any kind have to suffer, a fact I once complained about here. But we do suffer, at times. In the midst of those times, it can feel as though there isn't an end in sight. But suffering doesn't last forever. Like … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Suffering

Friday Philosophy…Audacity

This concept is fun. If you look up the definition, you get a strange pairing of meanings. On the one hand, audacity is the willingness to be bold, to take risks. On the other hand, it's rude and disrespectful behavior. Perhaps it is impossible to be bold and brave without offending someone. "Every great advance … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Audacity

Friday Philosophy…Nurture

We dragged ourselves out of doors today, into the beginning of the heat, and worked around the yard. Tonight saw my usual routine of watering everything in the greenhouse, once the sun had set. Morning saw my Moses win an award at a math competition, and the pure thrill that raced across his face when … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Nurture

Friday Philosophy on Failure

It's the big, bad boogeyman hiding under the bed for many of us. Failure. If I write that book/speak that truth/take the plunge (of any kind), what happens if I fail? The response to failure is something we all share, and yet it's something very isolating. It can feel as though no one on Earth … Continue reading Friday Philosophy on Failure