Book Signing in Review…#MondayBlogs

Phew! It’s Monday! I’ve accomplished a ton today – including a nice long run first thing. 🙂

So, my book signing was this past Friday. Be prepared, here: I’m going to be gushy. It was amazing, and thrilling, and fun. Also, apparently, it was tiring, because I napped quite a bit on Saturday.

I had set up the book signing with the very wonderful Community Events Manager, Glenna, at our local Barnes & Noble. My first two novels in my Blood Curse series, Blessings and Damnation, were available.

In addition to the promotions that the bookstore did – signage, calendar of events, flyers – we also created a flyer to give to people. My amazing neighbor had his two workplaces display them, my children’s school gave one to each teacher. I created a facebook event and invited the world of my social media friends.

Glenna told me at the start that a conservative outcome for a new author, at a first time signing, would be about 10 book sales. My sales were 18. 🙂 I had a steady group of people I knew and total strangers. Glenna recommended that I have a guest book, so that new people could sign and leave their email addresses for newsletters and upcoming publications. This was an absolutely brilliant idea: so simple, but I wouldn’t have thought of it in all of the excitement.

I was able to overcome my inherent shyness and talk to complete strangers all day. My last minute nerves were all about that. Ha!

Excitingly enough, we are already working on the next book signing. I also have a book club that wants me to come give a talk, and more people discovering my stories. I’m a happy camper.

Not only that, but my first interview as an author was published on Saturday. You can read it here:

Thank you all for joining me on this journey!

Happy Monday, and blessings to you all…

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