Writer Wednesday…An Excerpt

In the midst of editing “Darkness,” which has a planned release for the first week of September (eek!), it occurred to me that I hadn’t really run any countdown deals, or shared any excerpts here on this blog from “Damnation.”

After pondering, debating, and much discussion around the dinner table here (yes, titles are a family affair), we’ve settled on Blood Curse as the title for the series of novels. If you are new here, the first novel is “Blessings,” followed by “Damnation,” and the upcoming “Darkness.” I follow a family who have been gifted with a little something extra, and the evil that follows them, bent on their destruction.

So, here’s my prologue from “Damnation.” I hope you all enjoy!

“The fire had died down while the old woman dozed in her rocking chair. Before her closed eyes, visions of youth danced and twirled. Within the fire, a shadow formed, coiling and twisting through the cheerfully simmering embers. Those warm sparks shifted and pulsed, into a heartbeat. Her eyes opened in time to see an animal stalking towards her. Desperately, she threw her power outward at the beast that came ever closer.

Her efforts came too late, and the blackness swallowed her.”

Short and sweet. Happy Wednesday, and thank you for reading. Blessings to you all.

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