Friday Philosophy…Audacity

This concept is fun. If you look up the definition, you get a strange pairing of meanings. On the one hand, audacity is the willingness to be bold, to take risks. On the other hand, it's rude and disrespectful behavior. Perhaps it is impossible to be bold and brave without offending someone. "Every great advance … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Audacity

Nothing But the Truth…#MondayBlogs

Life, as we all know, is about the path we follow: the journey, in other words. When we reach a point of feeling that sense of "completion" it is quite often the calm before another major shift (you know, that fun thing called CHANGE) occurs. Change seems to be a scary proposition for many. Letting … Continue reading Nothing But the Truth…#MondayBlogs


In the online world, you can be anything you want. You can be an armchair warrior, pushing for social change from the safety of your living room. You can be a ray of sunshine, cheering up the people with whom you interact. You can be an anonymous bully, posting revenge wherever you go. For a … Continue reading Authenticity…#MondayBlogs