Nothing But the Truth…#MondayBlogs

Life, as we all know, is about the path we follow: the journey, in other words. When we reach a point of feeling that sense of “completion” it is quite often the calm before another major shift (you know, that fun thing called CHANGE) occurs.

Change seems to be a scary proposition for many. Letting go (of anything), moving forward (how do I PICK A DIRECTION?! Ack!), and being honest with ourselves can be painful.

There is never a moment when your novel, your story, or your real life, should have that ring of untruths. First of all, no matter your audience, they know what feels true to them. Secondly, it takes very little time for readers to learn your voice. They know when you are being inauthentic. Third of all, if you’re not being true, what’s the damn point?

Is everyone going to like what you have to say? Will you be received by hearty validations of your honesty? Probably not. At the same time, yes you will.

People are a mixed bag, whether they are friends, family, readers, casual acquaintances, or perfect strangers. Some will respond positively, some will bash the hell out of you. There will even be moments where this “it’s not personal” attack is deeply, hurtfully personal.

Be honest anyway.

The truth is that most of us write the story that is begging to be released from our hearts and minds. We don’t write to alienate any audience, or anyone, for that matter. But we do not write to PANDER to anyone either. It smacks of hypocrisy and those shouty commercials on the television between sections of your favorite program.

Be brave. Be honest. Be true to the story inside of you, and your voice. Whether people attack you for it or praise you for it, just tell your tale.

Happy #Monday, and blessings to you all.

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