Mass Hysteria

They lie in wait, and hateand ask you for your fear.Until you arm yourself in liesand set aside your truth.A cult, a curse, a strange snake charmerleading a brutal danceinto ever more violent steps.A madness descends, takes hold, holds fast.Unwilling to loose its strangleholdas voices rise into a screamand humanity sets itself aside. ~ Caroline … Continue reading Mass Hysteria


The body remembers Muscle memory its own force Building drive once more Until motivation And desire Overcome fear And pain falls by the wayside In the face of the rush The exhilaration Of that push That burn into a finish That is never final - Caroline A. Slee

The Fear Beneath the Surface

Dreams scatter like buckshot From a shotgun Broken up by the threat Of nightmares waiting in the wings Fear begins to rise Before the tenor can shift Into that old familiar pitch Always lingering Beneath the surface An instinct for survival Run into overdrive All adrenaline bursts And dilated eyes Prey always scanning for the … Continue reading The Fear Beneath the Surface

The Fear in the Hope #MondayBlogs

There are moments when choice Is reduced to one solitary option: We stand our ground. Retreat is shut off And our path is at a standstill Yet hope rises like a song Pitched more loudly Than any naysayer Than all of the doom rushing headlong Towards our small sanctuary. We feel the fear in our … Continue reading The Fear in the Hope #MondayBlogs


Fear is a thrill A frisson of cold Dancing Like music Along the vertebrae Setting our instincts Into overdrive Turning mere mortals Into the wild Driven for survival Chasing after The light No matter how distant Somewhere A candle rests On a window sill Set to light the way Welcoming us To find a haven … Continue reading Uneasy

The Cliffhanger

Last week, a wise woman wrote: "You felt the fear, and did it anyway." When I read those words it reminded me of how many times the good in life has waited just on the other side of me being scared out of my mind. 🙂 Lara and the not-so-littles and I took a vacation … Continue reading The Cliffhanger

Stage Fright and Wedding Bells…#MondayBlogs

They shouldn't have much in common, but they do! I discovered that I am not the only one in this family with those large butterflies (or bats) in the tummy before any event before a group of people. My daughter and son share this, to their great dismay. It's funny now, but the little guy … Continue reading Stage Fright and Wedding Bells…#MondayBlogs

Universal Reminders…#MondayBlogs

Universal, as in "from the Universe," as opposed to, let's say, something we ALL receive in the exact same way. I'm going for my oncology follow-up in 1 week. This is the usual look-see that my doctor has to verify that I am still in remission. Although I love hearing that I am (every single … Continue reading Universal Reminders…#MondayBlogs

To Be Honest…#MondayBlogs

I guess the teenagers do this little "to be honest" game on their facebook accounts. I always advise people to tell the truth, and I tell the truth - even when it's uncomfortable. I call myself a "cancer coach." Or, if necessary, a cheerleader. Or, just a listener. So, here's the truth. - In 2011, … Continue reading To Be Honest…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…In All Directions

That's not a crack at that kid band, One Direction. My mind is moving in many directions today, so I've been addressing that by getting my hands dirty and rearranging very heavy objects in the office. Exertion cures a multitude of ills! I'm thinking of changes, adventures, risks, and the major undertaking I'm beginning next … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…In All Directions