The Cliffhanger

Last week, a wise woman wrote: “You felt the fear, and did it anyway.”

When I read those words it reminded me of how many times the good in life has waited just on the other side of me being scared out of my mind. 🙂

Lara and the not-so-littles and I took a vacation last week with our Koumbara and our Thea. We went to Chicago (my first time there) and had the time of our lives. We walked through the Art Institute, where Maddie was determined to see Andy Warhol’s art. She was writing in her art book, as she will be taking her advanced art next year.

Moses also was enamored with the Art Institute, and this trip was when I learned that he has a favorite painting.

I’m still a huge sculpture fan, but was pretty amazed to see American Gothic, in person.

We went to the Field Museum, the kiddos went on a rock-climbing wall, we went on architectural cruises down the Chicago River, a fireworks cruise on Lake Michigan, we rode segways (and I did not fall over!), and ate the most incredible meal of my life at Alinea.

The culminating adventure was one that Lara had zero interest in doing. We went to The Ledge at the Sears Tower. On our river cruise, I had the opportunity to see the ledge from the ground.

You might notice those small, clear rectangles hanging out in space? That’s The Ledge. Lara, and Maddie, both said they’d like to go but not step out into space, thank-you-very-much. Once we arrived, Moses stepped out there without a moment’s hesitation. Maddie made it out. I did some super-deep breathing and got out there. Our group made it out onto the ledge, and Lara suddenly chose to step out and join us. With the exception of Moses, every single one of us are scared of heights. Lara, more than the rest of us. But she felt the fear, and did it anyway.

Adventures help us stretch and grow. I hope you all find an adventure this week.

Lara prefers that I not share her photos here, so I’ll add this last one. I’m floating on air. 😉

Blessings to you all!

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