Stage Fright and Wedding Bells…#MondayBlogs

They shouldn’t have much in common, but they do!

I discovered that I am not the only one in this family with those large butterflies (or bats) in the tummy before any event before a group of people. My daughter and son share this, to their great dismay.

It’s funny now, but the little guy had a litany of concerns at the LAST MINUTE!:

“Mom, what if I trip you while we walk down the aisle?” (My children walked me down the aisle.)

“Well, we will get back up or somersault all the way there.” (I thought that was good.)

“What if I drop the rings when I give them to you guys?”

“Don’t worry, we will pick them up.”

“Mom, what if I set you on fire with my candle during the unity candle ceremony?”

He stumped me with that one. My friend, Mi, pointed out that he boyfriend is a firefighter, so we really were covered even in that case. But the fact that he thought of it was what blew me away.

That entire conversation is a perfect example of the middle of the night “what if” chorus that plays in my head.

Still, I hope those two at least picked up a valuable tip from me while we were fidgeting with nerves: be silly and laugh. My eldest especially liked this, as she found the space we were in to be too small for her vigorous pacing (windmill arms and all).

It was a beautiful day for all 4 of us. And, no one tripped (I nearly did quite a few times until I put Converse sneakers on), no one dropped the rings (or put them on the wrong finger, the way my Lara and I did during rehearsal), and no one was ignited. 🙂


This was our fear management just before show time.

Blessings and happy #Monday to you all!

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