Friday Philosophy ~ Coaching

So many hours lately have been spent on writing curriculum, arranging my sub hours, talking to adult learners about programs, and working on accreditation that I find myself thinking about teaching and coaching. So, for our Friday Philosophy, after 2 previous swamped Fridays, I want to share some quotes on coaching. "Failure is good. It's … Continue reading Friday Philosophy ~ Coaching

Friday Philosophy…Rebellion

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." ~ Albert Camus "The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion." ~ Frederick Douglass ā€œThe greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Rebellion

Friday Philosophy…Loyalty.

Loyalty. Allegiance. Devotion. Faithfulness. I think most of us fail to recognize the value of these, until there's a breakdown of them. What is loyalty? Why does it matter? As Shakespeare told us, our first obligation is to be loyal to ourselves. Beyond that, our loyalty is a choice. In some cases, maybe it's a … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Loyalty.

Friday Philosophy — Recovering…

After the mayhem that is illness, we are on the path to recovery here. Therefore, today's philosophy is all about recovery. šŸ™‚ If you think about it, it's a part of everyday life. We recover from physical, emotional, and spiritual upheaval. It's a part of how we grow. Sometimes it is painful, other times it's … Continue reading Friday Philosophy — Recovering…

Friday Philosophy in the Witching Hour

Good morning! (Did you see that? I'm being more cheerful than I feel - note the exclamation point.) After the world's busiest, most physically demanding day, I drifted to sleep by 10. And here we are. I've had very vivid nightmares/chase dreams all night, so it was definitely time for a change of pace. šŸ™‚ … Continue reading Friday Philosophy in the Witching Hour

It’s Time for Philosophy, Friday Style…

It is Friday!!!! I would love to say we are on easy street over here, but the truth is that this day has been so bloody packed with chores, I'm ready to fall over. Today's philosophy is all about optimism. I know that optimism gets a bad rap sometimes, but I still think it's the … Continue reading It’s Time for Philosophy, Friday Style…

Friday Philosophy…July is a killer!

So hot and humid this week. I was felled (yes, like a tree) yesterday by a migraine. I am forced to conclude it was heat induced. There's nothing else that could have triggered it. I am already contemplating moving to a cooler climate, and it is only July. Usually, I manage to make it halfway … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…July is a killer!