The Maiden Voyage

I shared with all of you that I will be competing in my first triathlon this winter. This week, my trisuit arrived. After fiercely debating options on the internet, I went with a singlet and shorts. This was, of course, after I went to every single sporting goods and running store in the entire valley … Continue reading The Maiden Voyage

Friday Philosophy…Training

Since I did a nice, gnarly workout this morning (thank you, Vern!), I figured some quotes on training for various physical accomplishments would be a good choice today. Especially for me: I can re-read these tomorrow morning, when my entire core is screaming at me. 🙂 "Age is no barrier. It is a limitation you … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Training

Tuesday is for Training…Sort Of

How do you make a physical comeback from Breast Cancer? It starts in your head, first of all. Then, if it fits your style, it turns into a plan on paper. Finally, you get moving. Self-care is important for everyone. Managing self-care while negotiating disease and treatment (and don't forget the crazy schedule that comes … Continue reading Tuesday is for Training…Sort Of

Writer Wednesday…Jason Selk

Okay, it's not my usual review, I admit it. I read "10 Minute Toughness: The Mental Training Program For Winning Before the Game Begins." I'm not going to give an in-depth analysis this time. I'm going to explain it a bit differently: I find running on the treadmill BORING. I do. I come up with … Continue reading Writer Wednesday…Jason Selk

Thankful Thursday…On Fire!

It's been a day. I should backtrack, since the day began last night. Lara and I had (to borrow a phrase from my friend Malaina) Super Secret Squirrel business to attend to out of the house. No sooner were we off and running, than Maddie called and asked me to come back IMMEDIATELY because Moses … Continue reading Thankful Thursday…On Fire!

Day Four…

Yes, yesterday was Day 4. As you can all tell from the absolute silence of this blogger yesterday, it was rest day. I usually try to work two days of rest into each week. Yesterday was the chosen first day. The only athletic pursuit we engaged in at all was playing about twenty minutes of … Continue reading Day Four…