The Maiden Voyage

I shared with all of you that I will be competing in my first triathlon this winter.

This week, my trisuit arrived. After fiercely debating options on the internet, I went with a singlet and shorts. This was, of course, after I went to every single sporting goods and running store in the entire valley here. No one carries triathlon gear.

Ordering this stuff online feels like a shot in the dark. I was reading sizing charts and realized that my usual running sizes are considered “baggy” for triathlon. As another triathlete said (somewhere, I’ve been reading a ton) – your suit should fit like “a sausage casing.” Other than getting grossed out on the tangent of how sausage is made, I get it. This should be fitted clothing, a little compression.

So, the Orca shorts arrived first. I ran in them already – they do NOT move at all. At. All. I have never in my life gone running in shorts that stay completely put. No chafing, no riding up, terrific.

I didn’t get the matching singlet – I figured I would go with a brand I know well for the singlet. Tyr. Hey, I’m a swimmer first, so I know what won’t be uncomfortable.

Today was the inaugural swim. Other than the fact that I felt WAY TOO CLOTHED in a pool, the gear was a success.

Next step, the wetsuit. The water might be 50ish degrees in December, so wetsuits are part of the deal. I think I had better get used to wearing clothing that feels like another layer of skin. 🙂

Sharing a photo (taken in my teenager’s messy room), since you all are keeping me accountable on this adventure!

My first triathlon kit.

Blessings to you all, happy Tuesday!

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