So, the day before yesterday I did NOT drink my usual gallon of water.  Yes, I basically drink water all day, every day.  I consume so much water it’s a wonder I do not float away.  Anyway, Tuesday I just didn’t do it.  I only had about four glasses and thought nothing of it.

Halfway through the night, I was miserable.  When I woke up yesterday I felt exactly the way I used to on chemo: lethargic, achy, feverish – bizarre, in short.  🙂  Yep, I was dehydrated.  Advice:  if you have had any kind of prolonged medical treatment, do not allow yourself to become dehydrated (ever, ever, ever!).

This morning, I have recovered.  It literally took me all day and most of last night to get over one day of carelessness.  Lesson learned.  Sigh.

I have a feeling I am learning another lesson this week – overscheduling.  It’s not that I am actually doing all that much – but I am doing some things now (Mom still can’t drive her car, so I am driving her; kids’ school had a big meeting for parents; and so on).  I may slip into the gentle coma of exhaustion by tomorrow.

Still, it feels good to be able to get out of bed, drive a car, attend a school meeting.  Imagine how I’ll feel when my doctor actually gives me medical clearance to resume all normal activity?  I can hardly conceptualize that at this point!  🙂

Happy Thursday, and blessings to you all… xoxo

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