So, I had yet another follow up with one of my Doctors this morning.  This is my main physician, and I am not overstating things when I say freely I love this guy.  He’s direct, open minded, and he is always willing to look into alternative solutions for me (I hate taking pills, so he’ll help me with food, breathing, yoga, etc.).  He hadn’t seen me since my hysterectomy last month, so we needed to touch base.

I mentioned before that my biopsy from surgery came back negative for any cancerous tissue.  My antigens dance within healthy range, occasionally climbing back up from there – but not high enough to worry anyone.  So, I am “cancer-free.”  Right?

Wrong.  Interpreting all of this extremely positive medical news as meaning cancer-free was me jumping the gun.  I am in remission.  Remission.  Remission.  I had some free debate with my Doctor over my terminology.  Suffice it to say, he won. 🙂  This is due to the fact that he is the expert, and I am the patient.

My Dad flew back into town today from work out of state, and I was telling him the “remission” versus “cancer-free” story, and he had a spin I adore: the Doctor is right from a technical and medical standpoint, and I am right from an emotional standpoint.  (Mind you, I wish that were reversed – so I could be *more* right, haha.)

Lara Croft didn’t realize that being told I am in “remission” would startle me.  I seriously never ever considered that term as applying to me.  Huh.  I guess this was my ostrich moment.  So, I have to avoid stress, which I have been pretty proud of myself for doing lately.

So, I had the appointment today.  I have an antigen test on Valentine’s Day (no biopsies like last year, but still getting “poked” that day lol), an appointment with the oncologist on the 21st, another post-surgery follow up on the 24th and then consent forms for my next surgery (extremely minor) the following week.

This schedule feels greatly the same as the myriad appointments around diagnosis and then beginning treatment.  In two years, when I can go more than two to three months between appointments, I am going to feel like a new woman! 🙂

Blessings to you all, today and every day…

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