Stuff MY Dad Says…

I considered going with the title of the other one, but opted out of including the word S*** in here today.  I’m all chipper and cheerful this morning, so the profanity doesn’t really do it for me.

Today’s blog is a short list of stuff my Dad says – stuff that pops into my head at unusual (or incredibly predictable) moments.  My Dad and I are a lot alike – although he is more practical minded and I am a bit more, hmmmmm, head in the clouds? 🙂  But Dad has some phrases that he has repeated my entire life, so I wanted to share them here.

  • “Life is simple.  People screw it up.”  I don’t think this really needs an explanation, do you?
  • “Depression is only anger turned inwards.”  Good point, that.  Probably better to NEVER bottle things up.  This fits my philosphy in life, post-cancer.
  • “Give more stress than you get.”  I have a tendency to be a bit of a worrywart, and I DETEST confrontation.  So, occasionally, Dad will point out to me when someone “has me on the run,” so to speak, and encourage me to turn the tables.  I like this phrase. A lot.  I am trying to turn it into a bit of a mantra. Haha.
  • “That’s one.”  Okay, so you seriously need the “story” on this one.  A homesteader picks up his mail order bride and is taking her home by wagon.  They are tentatively getting to know each other, and the man is explaining how he works.  He is very patient, tolerant, what have you – but he gives people 3 chances, and 3 chances only.  He counts them off, just to be helpful: “that’s one, that’s two” and so on.  The wife asks what happens when he reaches three, and he calmly states, “well, then I just kill ’em.”  When there is a bit of trouble on the wagon ride home, he ends up uttering the phrase “that’s one” to his new wife.  So, yes, my Dad has said this to me.  The only thing is, I think he may have said “that’s one” approximately 50 times to me.  I have yet to reach two.  I’m not worried. 🙂

Hopefully this blog isn’t something he finds embarrassing.  It is certainly not meant that way.  These phrases are sort of branded into my brain, and help me during moments that would otherwise be more difficult.

The first one, for instance, makes me stop to breathe when I feel myself starting to overreact.  I am a CHAMPION overreactor, so this is a good thing to have in my repertoire.  The second one I have already explained.  The third one, well, I explained that out loud to Lara the other day and gave her the giggles.  Let’s just say it reminds me to be confident and put people in their place when it is necessary – some people in life just need a good, solid reality check (otherwise they will run right over you).

The last one?  Well, I am saving that up.  🙂  Don’t worry, if you reach one, two, or three, I will let you know — LOUD AND CLEAR.

So, a bit of coffee induced silliness from me this morning!

Blessings to you all…

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