I have been a picnic to live with today.  All day long, all I can think is I am in some kind of funk.  I cry at the drop of a hat.  My humour of earlier today regarding hot flashes dissipated quickly, and became an absolutely mournful dirge all the live long day.

Now you may be wondering how a woman FULLY in menopause is suffering from PMS.  I will tell you:  I HAVE NO EARTHLY IDEA!

Well, maybe a couple of ideas.  The other females in this house are still functional and cycling together.  My “phantom ovary” aches right before they go into it.  It’s kind of off-putting that, after 20 years of cystic ovaries, I still have the ovarian pain when the ovaries are gone. :/  First it was the phantom nipples, now phantom ovaries.  I think next I might prefer a phantom baby — gain a little weight, get that glow going, but I digress.

Digress…I had a point.  I’m sure of it.


Coffee was my point.  After this day long funk I brewed a short pot of coffee with dinner.  I had the most heavenly cup of coffee.  I could feel my mood lift, and all the “funk-y-ness” dissipate in a big, aromatic, pink-clouded poof!  Heaven.

Heaven.  And coffee. 🙂  Happy girl.

Blessings to you all tonight… xoxo


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